Executive Board Position Descriptions


The President is responsible for running and creating an agenda for all general body meetings and executive board meetings, with the consultation of the executives as desired. High attendance at executive and general body meetings is required. Duties include facilitating communication among project leaders and executive board members; mediating issues internal to the organization and with external entities; and having oversight over all EWB-USA UMCP activities to ensure consistency with the EWB-USA mission statement. The president should always be looking out for opportunties for the organization to grow and improve, either through individual improvement, or as an organization as a whole. A good prior understanding of how the EWB-USA UMCP chapter functions, how the project process works, and how the executive board fulfills their purpose of providing oversite to the organization and keeping it together, is important as well as a willingess to learn and adapt. The president works with all executive board members, and project leaders both as a group and on an individual basis, thus good communication, organizational, and leadership skill are important.

Vice President

The person holding this position should have an active role in meeting agenda planning, and lead meetings in the absence of the president. Additionally, the VP is responsible for all collection of the paperwork for each of the projects- ensuring that all paperwork is turned in on time and is filled out properly before and after projects.
The VP is also responsible for the checking in and out of the EWB owned tools for each of the projects and coordination of meetings with the project leaders before their departure and after their arrival back in the US. Finally, the VP is responsible for scheduling and planning general body meetings and all presentations the organization is required to give.


“To handle all finances” implies several things:

  1. Accounts: The Civil Accounting Office handles all donations, expenditures, and fundraising. The treasurer will check over the statements each month and meet with a representative from the office to resolve any issues, acting as liaison to the civil office.
  2. Status Updates: A brief update on the chapter’s financial status will be provided to the executive board each month, with a comprehensive report on the chapter’s annual finances at the start of the fall semester each year.
  3. Outlay of funds: The treasurer, along with the president and faculty advisor, shall have the authority to sign checks for the organization from our accounts.
  4. Fundraising: The treasurer should maintain an awareness of the status of general fundraising. The treasurer is also responsible for checking for and transferring all money from the national account, working with the Civil Accounting Dept.
  5. SGA Appropriations: The Treasurer, with guidance from the rest of EWB, shall write the SGA budget request for both Primary and Secondary budgetary phases. This is a part of their duties both as EWB financial officer and SGA liaison. They shall also serve EWB’s primary representative at all budget meetings with the SGA.


The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes at general and executive meetings; maintaining email, membership, and attendance databases; and coordinate communication with officers and general body. Additionally the Secretary shall help post meeting signs and email meeting reminders. The Secretary is also responsible for following up with biannual donor updates on chapter progress. The Secretary has an active role in executive decisions as well as planning coordination for the future of organization. The Secretary may also assist in the SGA Liason position primarily held by the Treasurer and described in detail under that position. The Secretary will maintain and annually update the Engineers Without Borders Manual.

Fundraising Chair

The Fundraising and Events Coordinator (FE Coordinator) is responsible for maintaining a database of professional contacts with information regarding when/if they have been contacted by the organization, by whom, if a donation was made and if so, when and what amount. Additionally the fundraising coordinator helps generate ideas for the chapter and communicates with fundraising representatives from each project group. The FE Coordinator will work with other executive board members to promote awareness of the chapter through events such as Alumni night, MD Day, basketball concessions, and Bands Without Borders. Note: not all events need to be planned by the FE. The FE is responsible for ensuring that they happen and encouraging chapter members to get involved in fundraising and event planning.

Public Relations Chair

The Public Relations Chair is in charge of raising awareness of the organization on campus by creating and updating all EWB displays, flyers, posters, and anything that may be of assistance. They are also in charge of working with other student groups on campus of similar interest. This may include work with VP and President to create Presentations for professionals and support fundraising efforts.

Media/Technology Chair

The Media/Technology Chair is responsible for maintaining the EWB-USA UMCP website providing the general body with up to date information about projects and chapter related news and events. All social media outlets will also be managed by the Media and Technology Chair to help promote the organization, and to keep the general body informed about what is happening. The Media/Technology Chair will have to communicate closely with chapter members in order to achieve this. Also, the Media/Technology Chair is free to modify/redesign the appearance or structure of the website if he/she sees fit. Finally, the chapter plans on utilizing an ELMS database to archive all important EWB files for future reference. The Media/Technology Chair will be at the forefront of this process. HTML experience is preferable but not required.


The Events Chair will be in charge of organizing all recruiting and chapter involvement events.  Some of the events may include, but are not limited to, First Look Fair, Maryland Day, Bands Without Borders, ExPO: Engineering Skills Fair, and the Golf Tournament. The Events Chair will also be in charge organizing casual social functions within the organization to help bring members together.


The Quartermaster will be responsible for the supplies and materials owned by the chapter (tools, hardware, medical supplies, etc.). It will be their job to maintain an inventory, order supplies when necessary, and work with Project Leaders and the Project Manager to outfit travel teams with the proper supplies. In addition, they will be responsible for organizing education sessions for the development of hands-on skills in the chapter. The Quartermaster should have familiarity with tools and construction supplies.