Mentor Team

Mechanical Dept., Thermodynamics, Electronics

Professor Kim traveled to Ghana for Summer 2017 solar project completion and water project assessment trip, and assisted with Peru. He has travelled for Sierra Leone projects.


Chapter Advisor: Peter Chang

Civil Dept., Structures

Professor Chang worked on Ecuador water distribution project, various water distribution, sanitation, and rain-water capture projects for Brazil and Peru, travelled to Nicaragua for Winter 2018 water project assessment trip. Also aided with Ghana projects.


Barton Forman

Civil Dept., Environmental

Professor Forman worked on Peru water disinfection and Ethiopia-III marketplace improvement. Founded and led an EWB clean drinking water project in Guatemala. Since joining the faculty at UMD, he has travelled to Ethiopia and Peru to mentor students on market place improvement and clean drinking water projects, respectively. He has travelled on multiple Peru trips.


David Lovell

Civil Dept., Transportation

Lovell has worked on Sierra Leone, Brazil, and Burkina Faso projects and travelled on multiple trips.


Bryan Quinn

University of Maryland, Energy mentor

Jawhar, India (EWB Mentor)

Suma Ahenkro, Ghana (REIC)

Compone, Peru (EWB Mentor)

Cabala Town, Sierra Leone (MDSE Mentor)

Peace and Friendship Garden (MDSE Mentor)


Bill Reilly

Electrical mentor

Bill Reilly has worked with the Ghana project and travelled in Summer 2017 to implement their solar project. He has also worked with the Sierra Leone team since 2017 and travelled there in Summer 2018 to work on the solar project at a Freetown secondary school.


Ed Miller

Water Resources

Ed traveled with the Ethiopia II-Sustainable Stream Crossing assessment team in January 2011 and for their electrical and potable water project. In January of 2012 he traveled with the Burkina Faso team for the implementation of a slow-sand filtration project at a health clinic. Ed also worked with the Peru Phase II team on their liquid drip chlorination system and was an advisor for 2015 Ghana solar trip. He traveled to Sierra Leone in 2013 for their solar project and in 2016 as well.


John Sankey, P.E.

ReEngineering, LLC. Geotechnical/Structural mentor

Canseco, Ecuador (EWB Mentor)
Bo Baan Mai, Thailand (EWB Mentor)
Compone, Peru (EWB Mentor)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (EWB Mentor)
Calaba Town, Sierra Leone (MDSE Mentor)


Johann Zimmermann

Structures, Construction

Johann has worked with Peru and Ghana, and travelled in Winter 2018 to Ghana.


Ivan Zapata

Water Resources

Ivan has worked with the Nicaragua team and travelled to El Cacao in Winter 2018 for their water assessment trip.


Ed Elder


Ed worked on Ethiopia community center project as a student, and has worked as a professional mentor for Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana projects. He was an advisor the 2015 Ghana solar trip.


Thurka Sangamoorthy


Dr. Sangamoorthy helped the Nicaragua team with their human survey and travelled in Winter 2018 to El Cacao for the water assessment trip.


Stephanie Grutzmacher

Public Health, Anthropology

Stephanie has worked with the Peru project and travelled for their water chlorination project.


Elisabetta Lambertini

Water Resources, Fluids

Elizabeth worked on Peru water disinfection and a liquid drip chlorination system, as well as aided the Local project with fluids.


Tiffany Martindale

Water Resources

Tiffany worked as a Project Manager at EWB-USA and in January 2011, traveled with the Ethiopia assessment team to Addis Alem, working with the team throughout the design process of the pedestrian bridge project. In August of 2012, she traveled with the Burkina Faso team to Dissin in August 2012 for the monitoring of their past solar projects. She has also worked and traveled with the Peru team.


Dimitrios Goulias


Dr. Goulias worked in June 2011 on the implementation of irrigation channel improvements in Peru. This included mentoring students on concrete design and installation best practices.


Padraic Gray

Water Resources

Padraic worked with the Brazil team throughout the design of the rain catchment and well systems. He was particularly helpful in guiding the design of the control system for both the potable and non-potable water pumps. He traveled with the team in August of 2011 for the implementation trip and in 2014 for the water purification monitoring trip.


Dr. Charles W. Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz began working with the Burkina Faso team in 2010. He first traveled on the Assessment trip for Health Center Water project and worked through the implementation of this project. He has also served as a mentor for the monitoring trips in Burkina Faso.


Arnaud Trouvé

Professor Trouvé worked on the project in Burkina Faso since 2009.


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