Kiryabicooli, Uganda

The Kiryabicooli, Uganda project is a new project as of Summer 2019. This is a roughly 1,500 person subsistence farming community. This community is in a very rural area, and the government has yet to get any electrical grid out there. It wasn’t even until last year that the road was graded by the government. Additionally, the communities where both the NGO, BCDC’s, school and clinic are located are subsistence farming communities and very impoverished; this is one of the main reasons the school and clinic are located here, to assist the communities that need it the most.

In January 2020, the team first traveled to the community for their Assessment trip. During this trip, they established contacts and relationships with their NGO: BCDC (Buseesa Community Development Center), CBO: DAA (Deirdre Ann Academy), and the community of Kiryabicooli, Uganda. During this trip, they installed security lights throughout the DAA property and took data for their upcoming implementation trip, which they plan to complete in Summer 2020. They plan to completely upgrade the BCDC property’s electrical systems by resizing Em’s Clinic’s electricity system and installing electricity to be used for lighting and other power needed in the upper level classrooms. Future projects will include electrifying the remaining buildings on the property, as well as other projects needed.