Patadel, Ecuador: August 2005


The village of Patadel is located in the Republic of Ecuador and has a population of 350 people. The closest city to Patadel is Cuenca, which has a population of 350,000 and is the third most important city in the Ecuador.

Patadel is a small village with a community center at its heart. The community center functions as a church, child care center, and an elementary and high school.

There was a lack of drinkable water within the community. The original system, which was falling apart, was shared between several developing communities. During the dry season, January through March, there was very little drinkable water.

The EWB Response

Students from the University of Maryland, College Park collaborated with the Comite por Mejoras, an elected group of community representatives, and FISE, a local governmental organization that conducts water and sanitation projects in the province, to establish and coordinate the sanitation project for Uduzhapa and Conseco. In January 2006, engineering professionals, students, and a faculty advisor completed the assessment trip. During this time, soil and water data was collected and the members of the communities officially agreed to work with EWB-UMCP to complete the implementation.


We accomplished the following goals:

  • Built a water treatment system from a spring that will be used by the community center and downtown area.
  • Built treatment, storage and distribution systems.

To rehabilitate the existing system that serves the communities near Patadel.