El Cacao, Nicaragua

Meeting Time Spring 2019: Monday 8:00-9:00PM  ESJ1309

The Nicaragua project is focused on working with the El Cacao community to design a clean and regular water supply. Statistically, 1 in 3 people in Nicaragua don’t have access to clean water for cleaning, drinking or cooking.

Maryland’s EWB chapter took their first trip to El Cacao, Nicaragua for an assessment trip in January 2018.  The project team evaluated the community’s context and needs for an improved water system by meeting with various organizations such as a major well drilling company, the national water company, municipal government, and the Ministry of Education. They also conducted interviews with community members, mapped community topography and infrastructure, and performed water and soil tests. Through these, as well as observance and discussions with the community and neighboring communities, the team identified the community’s need for a higher quantity of water, better sanitation, and reforestation. They saw a huge disparity of water access due to their distribution system and a large geographic spread of the community, and found that their sources of water include pipes from a nearby city, wells, a nearby river, and rainwater. The project team plans to design a system to improve their access to and quality of water for the next year, and implement in March or June 2019.




January 2018 El Cacao Assessment Trip pics:

El Cacao, Nicaragua Winter 2018

January 2018 El Cacao Assessment Trip video: